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About Me

Hi guys! My name is Thang (IELTS overall 8.5). I am an experienced IELTS teacher, and I come from Vietnam.

Basic Information:

  • Full name: Quang Thang Tran
  • Born in 1992.
  • I hold a Masters degree at the University of Southampton, United Kingdom.
  • I took the IELTS test twice:
    – The first time was in October 2013. I got 8.0 overall (Listening 8.5, Reading 9.0, Writing 7.5, Speaking 7.5).
    – The second time was in August 2015. I got 8.5 overall (Listening 9.0, Reading 8.5, Writing 8.0, Speaking 8.0).

Being a non-native English speaker myself, I understand all the difficulties that English learners around the world are facing. When I was studying for the IELTS, I did not know too many difficult words, and I could not use complex grammar structures. However, I found a way that helped me achieve a high band score without those things: a simple and effective approach. This method allowed me to achieve band 8.5 overall, although I did not use difficult vocabulary and grammar structures in my test.

I started this website (theieltsgenius.com) in order to help students around the world deal with the IELTS in a much easier and more effective way. You don’t need to be an excellent English learner. You don’t need to spend thousands of hours learning “difficult and academic words” or difficult structures. If you have the right strategies and tactics, you will be able to acquire the band score you need. Just follow my lessons on this website, and you will find your way.

In February 2015, I took part in Mr.Simon’s course (ielts-simon.com) in order to learn his excellent teaching techniques.

You can ask questions or interact with me by posting comments on this website.

You can also follow my Facebook page, or send me an email to: info.ieltsgenius@gmail.com